Men Behind the Sun

We are just a form
of reaching what You want.
What your sick dreams brought.

You think You rule this town,
but there are cracks on your crown,
there are cracks on your pride.

And our bodies are floating down the stream.
What is left from us, will end up in the bin.

Were many just like us.
Wandering around,
just waiting for your knifes.

And You,
Hold the future in your bloody hands.
Live sacrificed for science,
leads to marble monuments.

While our bodies are floating down the stream.
What is left from us, will end up in the bin.

Gold and silver are not enough,
Watch the pills keeping us calm,
Can You fell it…

Gold and silver are not enough,
Watch two bodies becoming one.
Can You see it?
Harmony turns into storm.

Pain is illusion.
You want to live.
So we’re gonna play the men behind the sun.

Pain is solution
to keep living,
so we’re gonna keep playing the men behind the sun.


Every single blink You make
Makes my whole world shake,
Every demon I wake,
You make them all melt,
With a single breath,
But they’re the top of an iceberg
And beneath,
There’s still someone so frozen…

This is all so wrong,
I should be hanging now,
Body immersed in thorns,
Sewed lips’d be screaming on,
If your love had a sound,
It would be sound of falling slowly feather,
This is what You’re to me
A falling feather,
Why are You still right here?

This is the time when You run…

If this was a fairytale
With a happy end
You would turn into a stone
And crash me down forever


We build empires, we walk the moon,
And than return to see
that You look exactly like we want to,
Pure biology.

And I see You. You can’t see me.

I like the way You look today,
Watch out behind, there are monsters.
They’re just tools, that’s what You say,
Innocence drawn in hungry stares.

Get off her! Bastards, get of her…

My favorite part is when our eyes met,
Letting outside all my love,
Than I realize that I got chewed by digital dream,
This is the part no-one speaks of,

But I do, but I do.

We don’t say goodbye.
We never say goodbye.
We go to bed and sadly smile, alone at night.

Warm Gold

How come
I still flote?
Many bad things
done just to know.
What cotton hides
It’s always the same
Too many wise souls,
Lost in the stupid game.

Mother nature’s
Best joke.
How we sometimes act,
Makes me choke.
Giant’s weakness
That makes them crawl
Flimsy seconds
Spend with the warm gold.


Wakey wakey brainless friend,
today You will see my face for last time.
Sound of chain like waterfall,
moaning eyes in coldest blue will stall.

First You need to find anchor,
take him to the place, that no-one knows…

What if someone will find?

Do You remember, a little box?
I remember every touch of yours, I remember every, every single walk.
I always wondered, what’s behind that wall.
Little cats and little birds were only ones, who ever tried to steal your gold.

First You need to find anchor
take him to the place, that no-one knows…
Here’s the devil’s small advice,
thorns are always better, are better when sharpened.

What if children will find?

You know I trusted till the end,
when You took me, and showed me the world behind that wall,
You know I trusted till the end,
When You took me to the place that even children didn’t seem to know.
You know I loved You till the end,
till the bubbles stopped escaping from me body…


Every time You’re so
Uneasily close,
My lips are working,
Against my laws.
Let’s take another shot,
Leave my drawning in your eyes.
Infinity’s o’clock,
Something’s dying,we’re hypnotized

on dance floor.

Morning birds are,
Breaking into ours night,
All the dirtiest thoughts,
Conquering our palms.
When the reason sleeps,
We’re part of the great escape
We can hide from others,
But can we run away from our


My biggest fear,
Is eating us both alive
We’re in right place,
But we met in wrong time.
And in the morning,
Reason will wake up in it’s bed,
But should I be scared of now
The strange feeling in my head,

that remains.

It’s not like You think.

The Moon And The Crane

We are storms,
the peace in our heads,
the peace in our beds,
the scars on my back,
are what’s left.

There were holes,
We filled with
With storms in our heads.
With storms in our beds.
With scars on my back.

Becouse the love that I dragged was to be woken by the morning after.
It was to be alive, but the morning sun.
And the path that we walked was leading nowhere but to disaster.
Such a sad and a perfect fall.

Falling down,
Into the jaws.
The moon and the crane,
Watching us.
In my shoes,
Will they always be there,
Despite how perfect is the path.

Exiles Always Come Back (Act I, II and III)

Finally the wind has blown
It took away your skeleton
But there will always be, a little bone…

Finally I’ve raised the walls
An exile will not come back home
But there’ll always be, a little hole…

Words are always braver at night.

We met too early, we both now.
And I was cutting, the branch I was sitting on.
If You come closer, listen to my chest,
You’d hear nothing, but yet I’m still not dead.

And You,
You’re telling we’re all right,
But We are two different rainbows,
Over two different cities.

We are two different cities.

I will
I will never
I will never learn…

Hełm Grozy (Sentimental Bonus Track)

Tak często mówiłeś, że zostajesz,
a nim sie obejrzałeś byłeś w środku.
Gadające kwadraciki,
ładny uśmiech, styl i zagubienie.

Tak namiętnie go całujesz,
Wasza miłość jest taka piękna.
Tak namiętnie ją całujesz,
Wasza miłość jest taka piękna.

Tak mi teraz trudno
wybrać w tej zagadce Ciebie.
Tak Ci teraz trudno,
wybrać w tej zagadce siebie.

Tak często mówiłem, że zostaję,
A nim się obejrzałem byłem w środku.